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There came a point in my life after so many years of living unwell I reached out to get the help I knew I needed.  To step out of living in fear and embrace that I needed help.

I’ve lived with HIV/AIDS for 33 years.  I was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD, Major Depression, Anxiety , Adjustment Disorder with Mood Disorder.  I have made good progress.  I lived with addiction to substances.

As an aging man over 50 I am able to say that I am healthy.  It hasn’t come over night.  It didn’t just happen.  I have worked towards it.  Good things can take time.  My HIV drug treatment is working great, my immune system is improved, I am happy.

I am currently living in Tucson, Arizona.  Love it. Good people who care.  On April 4th I completed my training at NAMI Southern Arizona and have received my Peer Support Specialist certificate.  I am looking forward to the road ahead.

I will present topics of interest on HIV/AIDS, Mental Illness, Substance Use.

I thank you for stopping in.  Drop me a line to say G’day.



3 thoughts on “The Peers Life

  1. HI James, well done, so glad that all mis going great and that you can help others as you wanted too.
    God blessing my friend big hug Angela


  2. It’s really great to read James story on his road to recovery on so many fronts, I’m happy to know you and welcome you to an audience in need of fellow consumer/peers sharing their stories, so they know they aren’t alone. Namaste Stephen


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